Can We Guess How Single You Are, Based On Your Personality Traits?

If you’ve been in the dating scene from quite a long time, being single makes you cry out loud. I mean, after jamming to ‘I love myself and I don’t need anybody else’ to being all mushy and weak on the knees to ‘you got that James Dean daydream look in your eyes...’ the urge to find a significant other is inevitable. Damn you, Taylor Swift! So if you want to find out exactly how single you are, we’ve got a super fun quiz based on your personality traits. Are you perpetually single or are you the Queen B of everlasting relationships? We know it all! Choose your options carefully, this quiz tells no lies.

 What’s your favourite breakfast drink? 

How long was your last relationship?

What are you wearing right now?

Where do you pass out the most?

Which relationship advice are you tired of hearing?

Can love happen twice? 

 Have you ever cheated?

What pisses you the most while scrolling FB?


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