Need a break from the world? How about a little brain teaser for a change? Have a look at this new visual puzzle that has taken the internet by storm. It was first posted by Jeya May Cruz on her Facebook profile. She posted the following picture and asked people to spot a cellphone lying on the rug.

Source: Source: Facebook

So yeah, go ahead, have a look. Try finding the cellphone. And it isn't digitally put in. It's just a smartphone (in a case) placed smartly, on the rug. 

Did you find it? It's not that easy. Try looking carefully. 

Let's narrow it down a bit. Look for the phone now. 

 If you've given up, look at the picture below.

Source: Source: Distractify

You know what's harder than finding this phone on the rug? Unseeing it, now that you know it's there. Brilliantly done, right?

Source: Source: GIPHY