Sadly whether we wanted it or not the 9-5 is the reality for a big chunk of the Indian population. However, once one enters the endless cycle of plaid shirts and HR trainings, they quickly realise that it can be extremely monotonous, and that monotony is lethal if goes unchecked.

Fret not, I have for you here a list of 5 tools you can employ to escape the drab life filled with pointless meetings that could’ve been an email and infinite coffee runs:

1. Restful pauses are your friend. 

When you are fatigued or worn out at work, concentration becomes a major challenge which in turn hinders your performance. Little breaks between big tasks not only help you regain lost concentration but also unshackle your mind and prevent it from completely shutting down. Pauses can include grabbing a snack, visiting the recreation room, taking a stroll around your office or waving a quick hello to your work wife. 

2. Work wives make life a little bit better.

Speaking of work wives/besties, don’t stay aloof from your coworkers and just work and dip. Not having a personal connection with the people you work with can make the entire act extremely mechanical and robotic. A healthy workplace needs a human touch. Get to know your colleagues, bond over office events, vent out your frustrations, celebrate your triumphs and above all, request a helping hand when in need and don’t forget to return the favour when the roles are reversed. 

3. Never take your work home.

It is important to set up clear boundaries as to what constitutes work time and what does not. After a tiring nine-to-five routine, you need time to connect with yourself and your loved ones. Rejuvenation is crucial. If you breach the boundaries, it will hinder your work as well as private life, and you will be lacking in both. 

4. Don’t kill your hobbies.

It is important to keep your interests and skills beyond the workplace alive for a healthy and sound mind. You’re a former football player? Go play on the weekends! Love painting? Take art classes! The more you’re engaged in activities beyond the workplace, the more mental clarity you will have during work hours, as opposed to pent up frustration. 

5. Love what you do. 

It’s a bitter reality, but if you’re actually passionate about what you do it will play a huge role in cutting out the monotony of work. Of course, for a lot of us, it means taking a pay cut or going against familial expectations. Ultimately, the choice is up to you: are you willing to take the gamble?