Living in a metro city is definitely not cakewalk. The rent is high, the groceries are expensive, the commute is also more expensive and the lifestyle will burn a hole in your pocket. So, this tweet by @mehhh_duh has offered up a really interesting question about living in metropolitan cities; should freshers be paid more to be able live well in a big city or should they learn to budget and earn their place in the world, like it’s always been?

Medha Ganti asked why freshers’ salaries are so low, and how they can live in a metropolitan city with only ₹50K a month as a salary? But the question has divided Twitter like a darn crack in an expensive tile.

While some people are surprised that she considers ₹50K a starting point for newbies, others are saying that inflation is at an all time high, and ₹50K is not un unreasonable salary for freshers at all.

What do you think? Was her question unreasonable or should we all be wondering whether we’re accepting and settling for too little?