We all have been drinking water from a cooler in our offices. What if, your boss asked you to pay money for it? Sounds weird, right?

Well, a boss has been slammed online after an employee revealed that the entire staff was asked to pay up for drinking water from the cooler installed in their office.

A Reddit user, who goes with the username RemyBrady, posted the picture of the water cooler that had a printed notice pasted on top of it. The sign read that it was Poland Spring Water and one needs to sign up for the ‘water club’ to drink the water from the cooler.


The rule came as a shock to everyone because providing water for free is general office etiquette.

The shocking post has about 73.4K upvotes at the time of writing this article along with some scathing comments by netizens:

Check the entire post here:

Every office has its own drawbacks. For this office, one of them appears to be access to free drinking water.