Corporate gurus on LinkedIn often preach that a unique CV gives you an edge to get noticed for a job. It turns out, this woman took the advice seriously and sent her resume printed on a cake directly to Nike.

Karly Pavlinac Blackburn took to her LinkedIn and shared a detailed post on what prompted her to send her edible resume to Nike. She knew Nike was not hiring at the moment but “wanted to find some way for the team to know who I was”. She found out that the brand was having a huge celebration for Just Do It Day and what “better way than to send a cake to a big party.”

Karly Pavlinac Blackburn's LinkedIn
Source: Karly Pavlinac Blackburn’s LinkedIn

Karly instructed the delivery agent to deliver the cake to the party. The delivery agent made sure that the cake reached the right person. In her LinkedIn post, Karly thanked the agent who managed to get this done “all while having a sleeping child in one arm and a ½ sheet cake in the other.”

Resume for Nike on a cake
Source: Karly Pavlinac Blackburn’s LinkedIn

The post has gone viral on social media. Netizens are amused and also divided.

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Nike resume
Nike resume on a cake

Creativity knows no bounds and Karly’s resume takes the cake.