What were you doing at 17? Playing beer (non-alcoholic, of course) pong with your college roommates? Umm… what about at 22? Running errands at an unpaid or minimum-pay internship or maybe starting with your first job? Well, you might be doing the regular 17/22-year-old shit but not this guy! Meet Hayden Bowles, the US entrepreneur who dropped out at 17 and has now retired at the age of 22.

hayden bowles

When he was 10 or 11, Hayden Bowles wanted to buy something but his parents refused to give him the money. This incident made him realise the importance of money so Hayden set up his e-commerce business when he was barely a teenager.

“I think I was 10 or 11 and I wanted to buy something but couldn’t because I had no money and my parents wouldn’t buy it for me. And I realised that I’ve got to make my own money.”

Hayden Bowles

At 17, Hayden launched EcommSeason, an e-commerce website which offers online courses costing up to $575, or around ₹47,000. And by the age of 18, he was able to afford a Lamborghini for himself and by 19, he was a millionaire.

Last year, he made $15 million in revenue, and $3 million in profit from his business. But that’s not it, Hayden also has a vast real-estate portfolio, thanks to which he was able to retire at such an early age.

Hayden also had a few tips to share with everyone. According to him, there are two ways to be successful, one of which is to spend only 20% of your income. The other, which is contrary to what most influencers recommend, is that you shouldn’t have a side hustle. Hayden believes that instead of focusing on a lot of things, you should focus on one and one thing only.

“The first thing (to become a millionaire) is to live on 20 per cent or less of what you make. If you can do that, you’re going to be able to save, invest, and double down aggressively. Number 2: Focus more attention on your income than anything else. Instead of getting a side hustle, you should have a singular focus and work more in the current business.”

Hayden Bowles

Well, we all can learn a thing or two from Hayden.

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