The everyday rant videos that give you jaw-clenching laughter might look like the easiest thing to make, but it demands a lot of creativity behind the camera. Being hilarious and relatable at the same time is a difficult balance to strike and is not for everyone.

However, if you’re a fledgling content creator and want to make videos that will resonate with your audience, then this course by the Good Creator Academy will guide your way.


It’s time to learn #everythingcontent in this course that is absolutely focused on the king of all videos- content. And who better to have than ScoopWhoop’s in-house content creators Aakanksha Pushp and Satyam Jha!

Aakansha is a skilled and well-known art director, artist, graphic designer, and content creator that wears many hats. She is the perfect choice to help you become the influencer of your dreams. 

Satyam has proven that creativity and perseverance can take one somewhere by going from being an editor to a full-time creative director and being one of ScoopWhoop OKTested’s most recognisable faces. Satyam will give you a step-by-step walkthough of an OkTested video, alongside Aakanksha. 

This course will take place on 02 July, 2022. You can register here