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This Class 10 Quiz Is More Difficult Than The Actual Board Exams

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10th board exams are a nightmare for many students. But is it really that difficult? Because we have a quiz with a higher difficulty level for you.

1. Who remarked “When France sneezes the rest of Europe catches cold”?

2. Minerals are deposited and accumulated in the stratas of which of the following rocks?

3. For making cake, baking powder is taken. If at home your mother uses baking soda instead of baking powder, how will it affect the taste of cake?

4. A bag contains 5 red balls and some blue balls. If the probability of drawing a blue ball is double that of a red ball, find the number of blue balls in the bag.

5. Find the sum and product of the zeroes of the polynomial 4x2-7x.

6. Who wrote about the injustices of caste system in 'Gulamgiri'?

7. Who introduced hand-printing technology into Japan around 768-770 AD?

8.  Which metal exists as liquid at room temperature and is obtained by heating its sulphide in the presence of air?

9. Name the energy currency in the living organisms.

10. A current of 1 ampere flows in a series circuit containing an electric lamp and a conductor of 5 D when connected to a 10 V battery. Calculate the resistance of the electric lamp.


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