I think many of us have heard stories of people taking a sick leave from work and then posting stories that totally give away the fact that they’re out and about, possibly on a vacation. But can you imagine losing ₹73 Lakh for lying about your sick leave? Because Xu Moumou not only lost a ₹73 Lakh compensation but his job as well for going on a vacation and telling his workplace that he was on a sick leave.

Xu Moumou had applied for a paid leave in 2019 for the vacation he took, but was declined because there was a lot of pressure at work. He proceeded to tell his manager that he’d already booked the tickets for his trip to China’s southern island of Hainan. That didn’t sway his manager either.

Post this, Xu Moumou applied for a 14-day sick leave and even presented his workplace with a medical certificate that helped approve the request. Unfortunately for him, a coworker saw him at the airport with his son and reported it to their manager. We know what comes next. Right?

Following all of this, Xu applied for arbitration by the Beijing Chaoyang Arbitration Commission. It ruled in his favour and ordered for the company to pay him a compensation of Rs 73 lakh for firing him illegally.

But Beijing’s Third Intermediate People’s Court found that Xu Moumou had lied and so they ordered for his workplace to carry on with the termination and withhold the compensation he was about to get. Wow, this had the twists and turns of a Sherlock Holmes novel.

That must have hurt.