Were you able to crack our IIT JEE quiz? No, right? Here's another one for you.

 Let's see if you can answer these questions of NEET level.

1. What is an attribute found in plants but not in animals?

2. Potential difference across resting membrane is negatively charged. This is due to differential distribution of the which ions?

3. What happens if gene encoding of the polypeptide of 50 amino acids has UAC at the 25th position mutated to UAA?

4. Nitration of Aniline produces trace amount of:

5. Holdfast, stipe and frond constitutes the plant body in case of?

6. Which of the following compounds have maximum coagulation power of Ferric Chloride sol?

7. What volume of oxygen gas measured at zero degree Celsius and 1 atm is needed to burn completely 1L of propane gas measured under the same conditions?

8. Homeothermy is exhibited by:

9. Body A of mass 4m moving with speed u collides with another body B of mass 2m at rest the collision is head on and elastic in nature. After the collision the fraction of energy lost by colliding body A is?

10. If all the puddles and ponds are destroyed, the entities likely to be destroyed are

11. The magnitude of any physical quantity:

12. Which of the following is not seen in hemichordates?