We all have certain rules at our respective workplaces that all the employees need to follow. We have heard several stories about the employer-employee relationship. While some employees love their bosses, many others are often mistreated by their employers. 

And now, we have a boss who is being slammed across social media for a bizarre and outrageous set of rules she created for her employee. That’s right!

A social media user, who goes with the username @sgfollowsall, shared a clip that listed several rigid rules that the boss had kept in order to keep things going smoothly.

Even though it was hard to read the text from the mini whiteboard, netizens were quick to crack her handwriting. The bizarre rules include that the employee isn’t allowed to leave her house without taking permission, they must adhere to the set sleep timings, they must not use their phone during working hours, they should not waste electricity or water and only stay in the area with a camera when they are at home, etc.

Apart from the 10-point rules and regulations board, a work-based timetable and a chore board are seen in the video clip as well, which lists all the tasks that the employee needs to perform.

It is being assumed that the set of instructions were set for a housekeeper or a maid.

Needless to mention, people were left scratching their heads after going through the weird set of rules and this is what they had to say:


You can watch the viral video here:

How impractical are these rules?