Empathy at workplace is underrated. A lot of employees not only have to deal with toxic work-culture, but also bosses who lack basic concern. And, that’s definitely a red flag. Making employees work for extra hours, being rude or even disrespectful are just some examples of toxicity at workplace. But, being a superior in hierarchy at work, doesn’t allow anyone to treat an employee any less. 

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However, it looks like a lot of people didn’t get the memo. A Redditor, Hope, shared a screenshot of a conversation with her boss, telling them about a family emergency. She added that she wouldn’t be able to come in for work – it was because she had just put down her family dog. 

At first, the boss asked her to find someone to cover for her. Later, on being told the reason for leave, he mentioned how it was ‘not the best reason to tell him that she wasn’t coming in for work’. Forget showing sympathy, the boss actually expected her to show up. Firstly, what is their criteria to decide a ‘good enough reason’ for leave? And secondly, how can someone not show basic respect — or say something that sounds so hard-hearted?

After the boss’ response, Hope didn’t wait to turn-in her two week notice to quit the job. And Redditors stan her for taking the step.

People need to realize that they can’t expect employees to hit pause on their personal lives, for a job.