Earth is our treasure, not our dump. - Anthony Douglas Williams

I still remember how my mother scolded me, years ago when I carelessly threw an ice-cream wrapper out of our car. "Imagine how you'd feel if some trash hits your face along with the wind", she said. Ever since that day, my outlook towards the environment has changed.

What I mean to say is that it is only when we decide to make a change can it actually happen. After all, nature itself teaches us to be giving and caring. Then why is it that we take so long to realize the need of the hour?

The truth is, what you cherish can only last until you protect and preserve it.

After all, nothing can ever survive without care and love, especially our planet. So, taking this thought forward, Castrol Activ took the initiative of influencing people across the nation to protect what they love and take care of their surroundings. And honestly, their efforts are proof that collective contribution is always a success.

The activity took place in Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad where Vlogger Salim Khan participated and encouraged one and all.

Here's how things changed in Delhi...

... in Ahmedabad,

... and in Chennai.

This video here sums up their campaign in the best manner.

Now that's what you call a transformation! 

In this manner, dumping grounds have now been converted into cleaner spaces for kids to play. I genuinely hope that this thought of protecting what we love continues to stay in our minds and hearts, for it is then that these efforts will truly be successful. Kudos to team Castrol for initiating this positive step! Follow Castrol Cricket on Facebook to see all the action.