The alleged stalking and kidnap attempt on a 29-year-old disc jockey in Chandigarh by Haryana BJP chief's son and his friend has hogged national attention in the past few days. Activists, politicians and general public have strongly come out in support of the victim, who is a daughter of an IAS officer in Haryana, The accused are BJP leader Subhash Barala's son, Vikas Barala and his friend Ashish Kumar.

On Friday night, the victim was allegedly chased and harassed by the two accused who followed her car in an SUV. The two who were drunk later got arrested after the timely intervention of the police. The woman then put a Facebook post in which she narrated about the ordeal after which the incident sparked debate all over the country.

'CCTV footage recovered'  

An important development in the case has been the recovery of the CCTV footage of the accused's car following the woman's car. 

"Chandigarh police has retrieved footage of five CCTV cameras on the route capturing the chase of the victim's vehicle by the alleged vehicle," a senior police official told NDTV.

The recovery comes after it was earlier reported that CCTV cameras along the route, from Sector 7 to the Housing Board traffic light point were found to be non-functional. 

The Chandigarh police also contested charges that it was being partial and said it was conducting a "fair investigation" into the case against the accused. 

The two were first arrested for allegedly stalking the woman and later released on bail as they had been booked under bailable sections of the IPC and the Motor Vehicles Act.

To a question on why the two accused had not been charged with attempted kidnapping, Chandigarh Police SSP, Eish Singhal said, "We are proceeding in this case with an open mind and if any such Section is to be added, we will definitely add it (in the FIR already registered in the case)," report PTI.

Source: b'Subhash Barala (left) with Manohar Lal Khattar | Source: PTI'

'Varnika Kundu is like my daughter'

The accused's father Subhash Barala broke his silence on Tuesday and said that justice should delivered in the case. “BJP is supporter of women’s freedom and Varnika Kundu is like my daughter,” said Barala. "The action is being taken in the case of Varnika Kundu as per law and the action should be taken against Vikas and Ashish as per rules to ensure justice to Varnika,” he told The Times of India.

Meanwhile, Opposition demanded that Subhash Barala should resign from his post. But BJP rubbished the claims saying there was no immediate plan for him to quit the party.  "Chandigarh Police has filed the complaint and I believe they will take appropriate action. This matter is not related with Subhash Barala but with an individual. So action would be taken against his son," BJP's Haryana-in-charge Anil Jain said.

Babul Supriyo's inappropriate comments

After embarrassing statements by its leaders Ramveer Bhatti and Shaina NC, BJP once again got into trouble after Union minister and BJP leader Babul Supriyo sparked a controversy today after he tweeted in support of the accused and normalised the crime by terming it as a 'mischief'.

Here is what he tweeted for which he was slammed across the social media:

Victim's family doesn't blame BJP

The victim's family chose to not put the blame on BJP leader for his son's crime.

"Unless somebody from the family (of the accused) was trying to sabotage the investigations, we are very clear. We do not hold the family responsible in any way," Virendra Kundu, the woman's father said.

Media banned

Chandigarh Police on Tuesday banned media personnel from entering the Sector 26 police station where the case is being investigated. The move comes after some policemen reportedly misbehaved with the journalists who were at the station, reports Hindustan Times.

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(Feature image source: Twitter| The Times of India)