Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. But,  we can't go on with V-Day celebrations without accepting that the definition of 'love' is now broader than ever before. Love transcends all gender identities, sexual orientations and that is what makes it special. 

This Valentine's Day, all I needed was a sweet gesture that celebrated the spirit of inclusive love and I've found just the heartwarming move! Pizza Hut, which is known for churning out sinfully delicious pizzas just did something so heartfelt that I feel like a puddle of mush!

They invited couples from all walks of life to celebrate V-Day with them in full splendour!

Oh, and they had delicious pizzas as well!

What's more? We asked some of the couples present there to share their love stories with us and boy, they did not hold back! 

What followed next was a heartfelt narration of how the couples fell in love and decided to stay together. Needless to say, their stories left us teary-eyed. Don't believe us? Hear them out and see for yourself:

He’s way too innocent for the world, sometimes it bugs me that how can anyone be so nice and innocent. Pride 2017 was the most special moment for me when he proposed to me in front of thousands of people with a ring and we got engaged.

                                                                                                                                                                               - Vishwas Khare and Ashish Deb

Our parents arranged our marriage 34 years ago, and before that, we hadn't even seen each other. We never spoke on the phone or met. But we had a lot of fun after we got married. He used to travel extensively for work, and to my surprise, wrote one letter every day, and that too 15, 20 pages long.. I have a suitcase full of letters still with me. I think that's when we really fell in love with each other.

                                                                  -Vinod and Nirmal Katyal

We met while working together and I loved how chirpy and happy she was which attracted me to her. We had our first date 8 months ago at Pizza Hut and this is our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

                                                           -Tanmay Mathur and Tanya Kapila

 One thing that annoys me about her is that she doesn’t wear slippers in the house and becomes messy. This is the first time we danced in public as a couple and I’m so pleasantly surprised how inclusive this event was. Usually, when we go anywhere we’re not very affectionate so publicly, but it is such a happy feeling to be out here celebrating love with so many people.

                                                                 -Naina and Saeyda Lameeya

Aren't these couples adorable? IDK about you, but these stories have hit me right with the feels. Kudos to Pizza Hut for urging all of us to celebrate inclusive love this Valentine's Day.