Tea is that gift which touches the soul and sends a surge of dopamine running across the body, making the symphony in your brain reach for a crescendo and scream in forte forte. If tea indeed is your ecstasy, you must give these 8 places a try. Their chai game is on point.

1. Jugmug Thela

Location: Saket

Must have: Masala Tea, Bombay Sandwich, Brownie

Price for two: 550

Source: Eat Treat

Known for a selection of dishes across various cuisines, this cafe with quirky decor is the charm of Champa Gali. Despite being a fairly new player in the highly-competitive chai game, it stands out as one of the best.

Source: Gubbari

2. The Chai Story

Location: Connaught Place

Must have: Doodh Mein Patti, Kullhad Chai With Kesar

Price for two: ₹300

Source: Franchise India

The Chai Story, though a small joint, can challenge every other cafe in the locality. A popular hangout spot among the locals, their menu is peppered with dishes that are easy on the pockets. 

Source: Ketchupp

3. Chai Point

Location: Saket

Must have: Dum Chai, Ginger Lemon Chai

Price for two: 200

Source: Eat Treat

For the times your craving for chai take a soar, Chai Point will hook you up with high-quality and freshly-brewed tea. 

Source: Crazy Masala Food

4. Cha-bar

Location: Connaught Place

Must have: Cha Bar Blend, Hindustani Cha

Price for two: 500

Source: D for Delhi

Located at the Oxford Bookstore, it offers the best companion to chai- books. Browse through their catalogue of books while sipping on a piping hot cup of tea. They also organize book readings and launches, making it a perfect place to be for every book and chai lover.

Source: Tangled Tourista

5. Triveni Terrace Cafe

Location: Mandi House

Must have: Masala Chai, Aaloo Tikki Chaat, Shammi Kebab

Price for two: 550

Source: Triveni Terrace Cafe

If your version of bliss includes a combination of a hot cup of chai and pakoras, Triveni Terrace Cafe is the place to be. Order a cup of soul-soothing masala chai and a plate of pakoras with mint chutney in a setting that is both airy and spacious. You may encounter a crowd flocking towards the cafe because of the palatable thalis that they serve during lunch times.

Source: Trip Advisor

6. The Brew Room

Location: Safdarjung Development Area

Must have: Lavender White Tea, Vanilla Black Tea, Marigold Tea.

Price for two: 750

Source: LBB

If you are looking for the perfect place for a date with your chai-loving potential partner, look no further. The pretty interiors paired with its warm ambience and Italian cuisine checks all the boxes off for a perfect cafe.

Source: SO Delhi

7. Mister Chai

Location: Janpath

Must have: Meri Apni Cutting Chai, Kadak Masala Chai, Black Tea with Italian Almond

Price for two: ₹1,300

Source: Stickman Tribe

This cafe in Janpath is famous for its experiments with their drinks. Mister Chai has a plethora of tea varieties you can choose from and their selection of desserts and bakes is sure to satiate every sweet tooth.

Source: Shivangi Reviews

8. Tea Place By Manjushree

Location: Saket

Must have: Royal Earl Green Tea, White Tea, Veg Sandwich, Egg Tart

Price for two: ₹700

Source: Travel Triangle

Beautiful decor and a warm ambience is what you can expect from this tea and coffee joint where a selection of delectable teas will leave you mesmerised.

Source: Bring Home Stories