Chances are most of us have enjoyed a plate of hot bhaturas or puris on a lazy Sunday morning. Because desi comfort is for life! 

But Chinese chef Peter Chang seems to have turned our desi comfort into firangi fancy, and claimed credit, and we don't know what to make of that! 


Yes, the bhaturas that we have munched on for longer than we can remember are being sold as 'scallion bubble pancakes' by Peter Chang at his restaurant, Q, in Maryland, USA. 

Source: You Tube

A video, showing the said pancakes being prepared, was shared by popular food website Tastemade. They've categorized it as a perfect dim sum starter BTW! 

They're wrong! 

It is not a dimsum starter but a bhatura or poori, to be dipped in spicy and yummy Indian 'gravy', that adds inches to our waist, and we still don't give a damn! 

Predictably, the people who know what this dish actually looks like, took to social media to share their reactions and correct the chef; because this is definitely not a foreign creation! 

However, many people have shared videos of trying out the 'scallion pancake' with chopsticks no less, on You Tube. And are getting schooled on what this dish actually is! 

Tastemade has since removed the video from their Facebook page, but you can still check the video on their official website. 

First the lungi, then the bhatura; guess people just love desi stuff.