All our friends have their little quirks, some more annoying than others. But I believe we can all agree that the one thing we'd happily put on top of the 'annoying quirks' list for some of the people around us, are the bouts of pseudo-intellect that they put us through from time to time. Let me be clear, I ain't hating on the smarts. I'm hating on the perpetual need to insert one's smarts into every little space you see in the universe.

So this one's for those in your life that have a special knack for finding ways to make a big show of the possibly unreliable and probably unnecessary treasures of knowledge they seem to have.

1. They'll bring you the most obscure (and let's face it, less-than-reliable) pieces of information when you least need them.

2. Their high-brow reviews of the movies you love will unnecessarily ruin them for you.

3. And don't even get me started on their constant grammar Nazi-ism!

4. Like, fine! You've read books! We get it! Good for you!

5. And trust them to educate you with random facts that nobody really expected you to already know anyway.

6. And god forbid, if you mention the stuff that everyone likes! 'Cause that's the mark of true intellect, right? Hating things that the masses love.

7. And they'll find the absolute worst times to give us one of their needless hoity-toity I-know-so-much rants.

8. Even though you basically know that they say a lot, but that doesn't necessarily mean they always know a lot.

9. So while they try and guilt you for not caring about the more 'significant' things in life...

10. At least you know not to take them too seriously.

They may constantly make it their business to half-educate you from atop their high horse, but at least they don't take themselves too seriously. Or at least that's the hope, in case you plan to share this with your pseudo-intellectual friends. Teehee!

Dank designs by Aroop Mishra