Dear lovers of everything wonderful jotted on paper,

We get you. All the time you lent books that never got them back, all the times you watched your beautiful editions being manhandled, all the time you opened a sequel only to realise you had forgotten a major part of the prequel, we totally get you. We also understand the undercurrent of emotions that rush through you when you find a good book. Or the seething anger you feel when it's bad. We get a lot of things that we've compiled into these comics so that you know you aren't the only one. We're the force that's with you.

Take a look!

1. When people don't understand the urgency of, Read-this-book-it's-amazing!

2. When a crisp copy is returned with a goddamn dog ear.

3. When people don't sympathise with the deaths that you deal with.

4. Each book has reached out in a different way, how can I offend one and choose another!

5. When they just don't get it.

6. When you're too broke for the most fabulous dates.

7. The pain is real.

8. When you're on the same page in different universes.

9. And we'll some day have a library full of hardbound, real editions...

10. When people want to borrow your soul for a few days.

11. When you spend time and money to read mediocrity. Damn!

12. No escape from reality is no way to live on this planet.

13. When the love is real but the lover is not.

14. When the sequel arrives after a lifetime.

15. The struggle is real.

16. When someone breaks the spine of your book. Ouch!

17. All that paper, but you chose to write on my heart?

As Joseph Conrad said in Heart Of Darkness, "The horror...the horror!"

Design credits: Aroop Mishra