Sure, we all like to experiment in bed. I mean what fun is sex if some twists and turns don't come into play?

But there is fun, and then there is "What in god's name is happening?" 

I bet that the latter is what this young couple from the small town of Greensboro in Alabama felt like when they called for an ambulance.

Why, you ask? 

Oh, nothing great, just that Tom's head was stuck. 

Inside his wife's vaginal cavity. 

And there was blood involved. 

Lots of it. 

I can't imagine what the paramedic went through when she got the call for help. 

“The woman told me that her husband had fallen and his head was now stuck in his vaginal cavity. I really thought that it was a group of teenagers making a prank call," said Samantha Irving, the phone operator. Despite that, she sent help. 

“The woman kept screaming out in pain whenever the guy moved, but he had half of his face buried in there and he looked like he was going through hell," said Bill Austin, one of the paramedics who reached to the couple's aid. 

Dr. Frank Olson, who treated the couple upon their arrival at the hospital, said that such extreme sexual practices are extremely dangerous and recommended to completely avoid them.

He was able to separate the two people. The woman suffered severe internal bleeding but is now stable, while her husband has suffered only a few scratches and bruises. 

According to the doctors, the Morrisons are the first couple to be hospitalized for a head stuck inside a vaginal cavity since October 2007.

What an awkward position to be in. 

I mean, talk about 'giving a head' gone wrong.