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Dec 10, 2018 at 18:10

This Couple Went For A PUBG-Themed Wedding Photography & The ‘Shots’ Were A Winner Winner

by Ira Shukla

PUBG and shaadis were the two things that dominated the headlines this year. 

So it makes total sense to merge the two, something that this soon-to-be getting married couple did. 


They had a PUBG-themed wedding shoot.



Photographer Harsh Salvi uploaded the pictures of this shoot on his Facebook page, and they seem to be a good idea for every couple who loves PUBG (Yo boyfriend, see this?).


The couple, Sonali Bomble and Aakash Jain, call this their 'adventurous new-era pre-wedding PUBG Saga' and it looks like a lot of fun TBH.



Every time I think people have had enough of PUBG, I am proven incorrect. In fact, this obsession just seems to be increasing.



Good break from the conventional, cutesy pictures. I wonder who won the 'chicken dinner', though.

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