Find out what kind of co-worker you are, or what kind of personalities your co-workers have based on their zodiac sign.

1. Aries

You're a go-getter with an upbeat vibe which makes for great company to have around. You're the one everyone wants to be friends with at work.

2. Taurus

You're the most reliable person around and everyone comes to you for advice. Your desk is always full of people dishing out their problems to you.

3. Gemini

You're full of wit and that makes it impossible for you to not counter someone who disagrees with you. You usually spend your morning in the conference room coming up with arguments for the day.

4. Cancer

You're sensitive towards matters of the heart and are known to bring up your love life in every discussion. No team meeting is complete without you mentioning your romantic conquests.

5. Leo

You have a desire to be admired by all and always be in the limelight. You're always taking up projects like planning the office party because you love being in-charge of all things.

6. Virgo

Your life is a game of 'my way or the highway'. You're extremely meticulous and hate it when someone moves the stuff on your desk. You are also well-informed about a variety of subjects so whenever anyone has a question, you're the co-worker they run to.

7. Libra

You're full of life and no matter what the situation is, your spirit is always up and about. You find it hard to say no to anyone and sometimes end up covering shifts for your colleagues.

8. Scorpio

You're a smooth talker who knows how to get their way and people are easily impressed by your dynamic personality. You have a basket of compliments ready whenever you get in trouble with the boss.

9. Sagittarius

You're full of enthusiasm and people love being around you. Your incredible humour attracts your co-workers to your desk for a good laugh all the time.

10. Capricorn

You're usually found lurking in a corner, observing others. Your closed book persona makes it a challenge for your co-workers to know anything about you.

11. Aquarius

You're a free-spirit who knows no bounds. You have pictures of your babaji on your desk and you're always in meditation mode, always at peace. No number of deadlines causes any stress to you.

12. Pisces

You're full of selflessness and the one everyone loves saying hi to because of how warm your vibe is. You're the only person at work who gets along with everyone which is very rare.

What's yours?

Design credits: Bhavika Jolly