Wedding day, the most important day in a couple's life. It's the day they embark on a new journey so naturally they are keen on documenting it in the most picturesque manner. This is why the recent times have seen a huge change, the wedding day is more crucial to the photographer than the actual people getting married! They have to prove their skills by taking stunning shots.

A good photographer will do anything for a perfect shot. They will lay in the mud, climb trees or even do a full split to get the perfect angle. The folks at Boredpanda put together some of the most craziest photographers clicked in action. Here's our pick of the lot.

1. Aww, she looks like a mermaid

2. Trust him, he knows what he is doing

3. No thank you, I don't want any wedding photo shoot

4. Kuch acha karne se agar daag lagte hai toh daag achhe hai

 5. Fortunately the groom wasn't the possessive kind

6. This is what a parking area looks like through an expensive lens and photoshop

7. This photographer has channeled his ideas right

8. Now we know how Rang de tu mohe gerua was shot

 9. They are on the stairway to heaven but the poor photographer!

10. I am never ever going to be this photographer's assistant

11. When you want to eat coconuts but also finish a photo shoot

12. Just inches away from a painful threesome

13. "Omg I am feeling dizzy", "Smile honey, I paid a fortune for this"

14. Not all heroes wear capes, some protect them

 15. Relax fish, these humans are not here after you

 16. Wait a minute, should we call a lifeguard?

17. Screw your expensive dress my portfolio is more important

 18. Yeah baby, make it rain!

19. Groom: Honey I think we hired the wrong guy

20. This couple doesn't give a fuck

21. When you are gymnast and a part time photographer

22. Behind every successful photographer is his assistant giving him a wedgie

23. This photographer is smart, left the dangerous work to the couple

 24. Some behind the scenes snaps are more precious than the actual picture

25. No Internet please don't put a 'Brazzers' logo on this 

26. When you go out to build the relationship at a construction site

27. Now we know what Mowgli is upto these days

28. They would have started clicking pictures even when Titanic was sinking

29. She looks more like an ex-girlfriend than a wedding photographer

30. Uparwala sab click kar raha hai

You saw how hardworking these photographers are, right?

So, please forgive them for all the times they made you awkward by clicking picture while you were enjoying the delicious shaadi ka khana, they are just trying to give their best.