When it comes to pain, the old timers really got it right. The Spanish Inquisition, the Middle Ages, heck, even our older siblings when we were young, they all knew torture through and through. From instruments like the guillotine to the rack to the thumb screw, the art of torture has seen almost insane levels of creativity, refinement and obviously, extreme sadism. 

To pay homage to these bizarre practises, there exists a place called The Torture Museum in Amsterdam, where you can marvel at and if you're brave enough, try out all manner of pokey torture devices (I'm kidding about that last bit). Take a look!

Below we see a spiky chair that makes bean bags look like paradise.

Source: Flyingpig

Artwork to go with the vibe of the place.

Source: 10best

I don't know what this does but it looks painful AF.

Source: 10best

This thingamajig looks perfect for the skulls of your enemies!

Source: Thewanderingnomad

A whole lotta devices with some major hurtin' potencial.

Source: Youtube

Check it, they've got some grim looking mannequins as well!

Source: Baklol

A guillotine with a cheery looking fellow under it. 

Source: Fiboni

Some kind of head thingy with a not-so-cheery looking fellow beside it.

Source: Bitlanders

A narrow cage I'd never like to be inside.

Source: Artnet

As you can see, they got pretty creative with this stuff.

Source: Easyvoyage

Another close up of that chair.

Source: Simritadhillon

A 'shame flute' meant for musicians who performed badly. What the actual fuck.

Source: Wikipedia

And there you have it, the museum of most of our nightmares, come to life. Considering this is Amsterdam, try not to eat any psychedelic truffles before you visit though, we don't want you wildin' out and chopping your head off while you're there!