If you're all about new experiences and do not mind a bit of morbidity and gore, these off-kilter museums should make way into your bucket list.

1. Mutter Museum, Philadelphia

What it offers: Skulls, jars filled with diseased organs, and the world's largest intestine

Source: The Mutter Museum

This medical museum in Philadelphia has walls lined up with skulls, jars filled with diseased organs, and houses the world’s largest intestine. If creepy and gore is what appeals to you, they also let people get married inside the premises.

2. Vent Haven Museum, Kentucky

What it offers: Ventriloquial figures

Source: USA Today

If you're pediophobic, you will definitely freak out at this museum. The museum houses the largest collection of ventriloquial figures- 900, which have been collected from over twenty countries.

3. Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn

What it offers: Wax sculptures 'cut open' to reveal accurate organs

Source: Ronni Thomas

The non-profit museum houses an antique wax figure of a German serial killer with exploding skull bones and wax sculptures of nude women ‘cut open' to reveal anatomically accurate organs. Even creepier is the fact that these figures, which now have been donated to the museum, were once owned by private collectors.

Source: The New York Times

4. Catacombe dei Cappuccini, Sicily

What it offers: World's largest collection of mummified bodies

Source: Viaggiator

The catacomb/ museum holds the world’s largest collection of mummified bodies. These bodies belonged to Capuchin friars who were ‘naturally mummified’. Thousands of other mummified bodies from the Capuchin community joined them here over time. The mummies are strewn across five floors which are arranged according to profession, gender, and social class.

5. Glore Psychiatric Museum, Missouri

What it offers: Relics used to treat patients with mental illness

Source: Wikimedia

Glore once used to be a functioning psychiatric hospital. Now, it houses relics which were used to treat mental illness like 'bath of surprise' and 'lunatic box'. One of the more interesting exhibits include 1,000 objects which were once swallowed by a patient during her stay.

Source: KCVids186

6. Disgusting Food Museum, Sweden

What it offers: Weird and gross dishes from around the world

Source: Fine Dining Lovers

The rather new museum houses exhibits that will make your stomach churn. The exhibits in the museum essentially are weird dishes from around the world: Swedish Fermented Herring, Maggot Cheese from Sardinia, and Roasted Guinea Pig from Peru, amongst others. People who are adventurous enough can also taste or smell some of the exhibits.

Source: UPI

7. Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

What it offers: Collection of shrunken heads

Source: Oxford University

Shrunken heads from the Amazon river region between Peru and Ecuador is what you’ll find in this museum display in Oxford.

Source: Bubele

8. The Hunterian Museum and Anatomy Museum, Glasgow

What it offers: Anatomical, pathological, and zoological specimen collections

Source: UCL

This museum, opened in 1807, houses Europe’s largest anatomical, pathological, and zoological specimen collections. From medical instruments to pickled human parts, this museum has it all.

Source: The Hunterian

9. Torture Museum, Amsterdam

What it offers: Torture instruments from around Europe

Source: Easy Voyage

Journey through the history of pain and punishment in this tiny Dutch museum which houses medieval instruments of torture from all around Europe- from spiked inquisition chair to skull crushers. These exhibits were earlier used to force out confessions from suspects and lawbreakers.

Source: Torture Museum

10. Clowns Museum, Germany

What it offers: Clown costumes

Source: Leipzig

Coulrophobics' worst nightmare, as you enter this small museum in Leipzig, you will be greeted by thousands of clown faces who seem to be perpetually smiling. Crammed with over 3,000 figurines, most of the stuff in the museum have been donated by clowns who have dropped by the museum.

Source: Leipzeiger

11. Avanos Museum of Hair, Turkey

What it offers: Severed locks of more than 16,000 women

Source: Travel Libro

The museum, which is located in a basement space, is filled with severed locks of more than 16,000 women. The locks of hair have been donated by women who have visited the museum from around the world.

Source: Atlas Obscura

12. Froggyland, Croatia

What it offers: Dead frogs made to pose like humans

Source: Culture Trip

One man's taxidermy mission led him to turn frogs into a slideshow of the creatures frozen in time with human-like poses inside a circus, a classroom, playing poker, and even tennis. The exhibits are a weird mix of both hilarious and creepy.

Source: Trip Advisor

13. Meguro Parasitological Museum, Tokyo

What it offers: Creepy-crawlies, microscopic bugs, world's longest tapeworm

Source: Reformatt

The small museum houses more than 300 rare microscopic bugs, creepy-crawlies, and also an 8.8 metre-long tapeworm. The museum also has a souvenir shop which sells tapeworm T-shirts and parasites in acrylic, so that you never forget.

Source: Time Travel Turtle

14. Nimhans Brain Museum, India

What it offers: Brain specimens which are sliced and pickled

Source: The Hindu

As the name suggests, it essentially is a brain museum, and for a slight twist, visitors can actually touch the brains for an 'out-of-body experience'. The hundreds of specimen housed in the museum have been donated with consent since the 1970s. The brains are sliced, pickled, some showing the results of infestations and diseases.

Source: India Today

15. Museum of Shadows, Nebraska

What it offers: More than 1,000 haunted objects from around the world

Source: Only In The State

Dubbed as the most haunted museum in the United States, the building which houses the museum was once a saloon and a brothel. The museum is packed with over 1,000 haunted objects from around the world. People who have visited the museum have reported a variety of paranormal experiences.

Source: Visit Nebraska

16. Museum of the Occult, Connecticut

What it offers: Haunted relics including the Annabelle doll

Source: Roadtrippers

Famous for housing the famous Annabelle doll, Ed and Lorraine Warren’s personal collection of haunted relics is the result of 60 years worth of paranormal hunting.

Source: Mercedes McGraw

17. Museum of Death, Los Angeles

What it offers: Articles about violent crimes and cult activities

Source: Atlas Obscura

The extremely graphic museum’s walls are covered in articles, photos of violent crimes, and cult activities. They also have an original painting by John Wayne Gacy, an American serial killer.

Source: Pop Sugar

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