You probably already know that yesterday Croatia defeated England 2-1 to reach the World Cup final for the first time, where they will face France for the title.

Source: NPR

While yesterday was a close match, Croatia has had a couple of them already. 

Source: Mid-Day

And one of those games was against Russia, just last week. A match that went to the penalty shootout. If I were a Croatian fan, I would probably glue myself to the seat until the game was over. 

Source: The Indian Express

But not these men. Not the firefighters from Croatia's Zagreb Fire Department. 

These brave men were watching the penalties with utmost interest when they heard that their services are required. 

So they just dropped everything at once and rushed to do their job. 

Watch the video here:

This is just a reminder of how people tasked with others' protection give up everything when it comes to doing their job and for that itself, people must be extremely grateful to them.