Amul is a brand that has been a part of every desi’s life for several decades. The iconic ‘butter girl’ has worn many hats in various situations and this quarantine is no different. 

So, here are some Amul ads which reflected our collective sentiment and India’s journey during this lockdown. 

All those times of long distance video calls with our loved ones. 

That time when oil prices dropped. 

Telling us that the priority lies in flattening the curve. 

All those mothers working from home and at home during the lockdown. 

Celebrating our corona warriors. 

Watching iconic shows like Ramayan and Mahabharat during this quarantine. 

Describing the much needed lockdown. 

Thanking the corona warriors during Janta curfew. 

Telling us to stay indoors. 

That time when our very own ‘Namaste‘ went global. 

Telling us that washing hands is the need of the hour. 

Step by step we are going forward.