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 Being productive all day, every day is a feat only achieved by geniuses and experts. We, mere mortals, can only hope to get through the overwhelming work schedule without falling apart. But there is always scope for improvement, ain’t it? What if I tell you that there is a much better and a more efficient way to spend those extra minutes that you kill. So next time you have 5 minutes to spare, here are 8 things you can do to make yourself a smart cookie in life.

(Also this article is like a life hack for all the lifehacks on the Internet because most of them don’t ever seem to work.)

1. Learn the 3-second T-shirt fold.

Thanks to Youtube, you can manage to finally put away that pile of T-shirts sitting on your chair for over a week now. 

2. If you are a clean freak then baby wipes are your best friend.

Apart from using them as an easy makeup remover, you can also use them for cleaning whatever your mop did not pick up, especially pet hair.

3. Seize the day by organising everything a night before.

It will take you 5 minutes at max to sort out what you will wear and carry the next day to your college or office. This will save you some really precious minutes that can be used to complete that “paanch-minute-aur wali neend.”

4. Spray paint your luggage.

And you shall never lose it, or mistake it for someone else’s. Also, who doesn’t like spray painting? 

5. Use white wine to neutralise the after effects of spilling red wine.

Imagine you are at a party wearing your favourite white dress and you accidently spill red wine all over it. Now, instead of cringing, pour some white wine immediately over it and let it air dry. The white neutralises the red and makes it easy to remove the stain. Voila!

6. You can use a straightening iron to smoothen out crumpled hemlines.

Now no more getting late for that super important meeting.

7. Save time when shopping for jeans by simply wrapping the waistline around your neck to see if its fits.

If it fits the neck, it will definitely fit your waist. It’s equally helpful if you are out street shopping for bottoms.

8. Use the 811 app to open a bank account in a jiffy.

Opening a bank account used to be a tedious task. But just like everything, we now have an app for this too. So all you need is Kotak Mahindra’s 811 app and your Aadhar card, and your bank account is up and running in a matter of a few minutes. Don’t believe me? Check out this cool video by them to learn more.


 Now that’s how the cookie crumbles. Booyah!