We've learned a lot of lessons during lockdown. Some of the most important ones include washing dishes, doing jhaadu pohcha and learning how to wash veggies the right way. 

There is one invention that seems to have made a way into all our houses, and in the process into our hearts. The magic mop! 

Source: Review Today

The OG magic mop was created by Joy Mangano in 1990 and now years later, it is still making lives easier. It comes with a handy bucket so even those with terrible pohcha skills like me can drain water easily. Also, it is so much fun to go up and down with the stick into the wheel (if you know, you know). 

No more chip-chip pohchas for this girl!

One of the best-selling items online, this magic mop now has several desi versions that are making houses cleaner and we're so grateful. Gone are the days when I didn't have to worry about how the pohcha was, now I worry and find solutions, like this iconic 30-year-old stick mop. 

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So here is a big thank you to Joy, for bringing us joy during this lockdown (I know that pun was bad).