For most, a 9 to 5 job sucks out their living soul. And even after painfully hogging all those 8 pitiful hours, work still seems to be far from complete. 


However, if by some divine miracle you manage to check off all the things you were supposed to do, and before the allotted time, you’d naturally think that your boss will praise you, right?

Well, not for an unfortunate employee whose boss took to Quora asking people if he should fire him for completing his work quickly and efficiently and spending the remaining hours playing video games.

Wait, what? He does his job on time, he does it efficiently, and he does all that even before the time allotted. That’s all the qualities an efficient employee should possess, right? 

But not according to his boss who thinks that he should spend the remaining hours helping the other employees.


Facepalming to the stupid question, Quorans had some befitting answers, ones which gave him a 101 on how to be a better boss.

And there were other’s too who pointed out the flaws in the boss’ argument. 

And if you have your own inputs on how to become a better boss, you can reply to his question here.