Today's Children's Day. Now, I know all of us are a bit old to care about it anymore. 

Childrens Day
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But don't you remember how much fun it used to be during school days? Personally, it was one of the coolest days of the year. 

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See, on most holidays, teachers would give so much homework that entire holidays would be spent completing them. 

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It could be the summer vacation, or Dusshera for us East Indians, most of it would be spent in our nani's houses, eating more than we should be and finishing stupid maths homework. 

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On other holidays like Independence Day and Republic Day, you had to go to school, dressed in white and it was still stressful, if you know what I mean.  

Then there was Children's Day. It used to be so cool. And I am not even talking about the time when we were all in high school. I am taking you further back, where this day would mean fancy dress competitions and hanging out with your friends. 

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Nobody was going to scold you that day. I mean, we were children. 

What kind of monster scolds children on Children's Day, right? It was awesome. 

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I remember, my mom packing me a light bag with just my lunch box and a water bottle, both of which remained unopened because there was no recess...

... which is because the whole day was recess! We kept doing dumb shit all day long and just forgot to eat. That's how awesome this day was. 

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Most kids from my school would just bunk midway and go hang out with kids who lived near the school. And this is a personal experience. So I do not expect many of you to relate with it. 

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But you get my point. This used to be such a cool day, away from the monotony of school uniforms and classes and homework. 

It was on this day and this day only that your parents would literally pack your bags with food and send you to hang out with your buddies in the middle of the week. 

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And as a 12-year-old there is nothing cooler than that!