Do you know someone who is perpetually covered in crumbs or can eat another meal right after finishing one? If you do, and if you want to make them feel loved, we have just the thing that will impress and win them over. 

We have rounded up a bunch of fun gifts for your favorite foodie – take a look!

1. Cookie Warmer Cup

3. Hamburger Bed

4. Pizza Sleeping Bed

5. Unicorn Seasoning Sprinkler

6. Realistic Food Soaps

7. Cookie USB Mug Warmer

8. Cupcake Leggings

9. Giant Icecream Scooper

10. On-the-grill Popcorn Popper

11. Frozen Drink Machine

12. Tea Infuser

13. Scoop Chip And Dip Server

14. Elevated Jar Spoon

15. Chocolate On A Spoon

16. Pizza Cutter

17. Bacon Bandages

18. Hot Dog Toaster

19. Realistic Food Notebooks

20. Realistic Food Smartphone Stand

21. Bread Warmer

22. Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

23. Small Nutella Jars

24. Bacon Flavoured Toothpaste

25. Bread N’ Egg Toaster

“I’ll take them to my grave”, food lovers will agree!