Remember the good old days of Gully Cricket? 

Or when you had bruises from playing a fierce game of Maram Pitti (dodge-ball)? 

Or how about when the only struggle in life was hopping on one foot while playing Stapoo (hopscotch)?

Nothing would bring about our true stealth mode like Chupan Chupai (hide & seek) and games such as Kanche (marbles) & Pithoo Garam would test our aiming capabilities. 

We may not realise it, but we have these games to thank for a lot of attributes we developed as adults. While we don’t play these anymore, there are so many kids, much like those along the ghats of Varanasi, who still indulge in these games on a daily basis. 

Now, imagine taking a ride on a boat along the ghats of Varanasi and watching children play these street games? Would be cool to be a part of that nostalgic experience. As surreal as it sounds, what if I told you that you can do that with a simple click of a button?

This interactive website by Tapan Babbar let’s you take a soothing ride along the 71 ghats and enjoy those very street games as if you were right there! Whether you are at work or at home, this is one small ‘recess’ from life that we can all use. 

Click here to enjoy the ‘Recess in Varanasi’ by Tapan Babbar.

Pretty cool stuff!