Note: This article contains imagery that some readers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

A bizarre museum in Sweden recently opened its doors to people with a zeal for adventure. Disgusting Food Museum, which is showcasing the world’s most polarizing foods, houses a variety of ‘unusual’ grub- from root beer to century eggs. One person’s yuck is another person’s yum?

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The museum, which is spread over a 400-square-meter space, allows visitors to touch, smell, and even taste foods considered disgusting from around the world. Among the 80 exhibits put on display, Vegemite and Twinkies hold a spot too. 

The museum which is trying to change people’s perception of food, one bull penis at a time, will be open to the public until the end of January.

The brains behind the stomach-churning olfactory experience, Samuel West, wants people to reconsider their disgust towards food they shrug off as off-putting. 

Just have a look at the ‘delicacies’ the museum has on display.

Bull penis, anyone?

Anja Barte Telin
Time Travel Turtle

You either hear the crunch when you bite into this Crispy Guinea Pig or get carried away in a stretcher after you faint.

The Disgusting Food Museum
Look At All The Poor People

Would you eat this maggot infested cheese from Sicily if you were paid to?

Anna Barte
Evening Standard

Witchetty grubs, which basically are wood-eating larvae also made it to the museum.

Alan Yen

Jell-O salad. While the concept itself is repulsive enough, this dish apparently graces the tables of Americans every year during Thanksgiving.

Anja Barte

The American favourite, root beer has its own exhibit too.

Root beer, if served to Europeans, will spit it out and tell you that it tastes like toothpaste. 

Anja Barte

This delicacy, called Spicy Rabbit Head, comes straight out of China.

Blood is drained from the rabbits, its guts pulled out, and the heads then are marinated for several hours before it is cooked and plated.

Anja Barte
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This fermented soybean dish is actually a traditional dish called Natto in Japan.

Anja Barte

This wine infused with dead mice is just what was missing from our lives. 

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These fermented eggs, called Century Eggs, from China may look unappetising but are enjoyed in Asian households.

Made with duck eggs, they are preserved in a mixture of clay, quicklime, ash, salt and rice hulls for months. The fermentation turns the albumin black and gelatinous, and the yolk green-grey. While the final dish looks and smells horrific, the creamy flavour is enjoyed by many.

Anja Barte
Savi You

Sheep Eyeball Juice topped with an eye staring right back at you is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Anja Barte

The taste of this cheese, called Su Callu Sardu, is often described as gasoline and ammonia mixed with wax.

…and this Fruit Bat. 

Anja Barte
Evening Standard

And these are just a few of the nausea-inducing exhibits. While most of the 80 exhibits are real food, others are displayed as videos. The founder of the museum even wants to take the show on the road, bringing the experience to other cities. 

One thing is for sure- this museum is not for the faint of heart… and stomach.