While self-isolation is literally pushing young couples to rip each other's heads apart, this elderly husband adorably dancing to the rhythm of his wife's piano is giving up major #CoupleGoals.  

Sally Gilmour who has been playing the piano for most of her life is 86-years-old. And her 83-year-old husband Ken adorably grooves whenever he hears the sound of her music. 

During the Coronavirus outbreak, music is giving this happening elderly couple some company as they're self-isolating in Cornwall. 

Their daughter and official carer Mary Wykes said that her mom has always been a "fantastic musician" and her dad has often gracefully performed as her "back-up dancer". 

While most of us have literally turned into the personified versions of sloths during the lockdown, this elderly couple is giving us all the motivation we need to pick up new hobbies.

Watch the heartwarming video here: 

Netizens can't stop gushing over these two cuties who're giving us major #RelationshipGoals: 

I'm not crying, you're crying.