If this extended series of lockdown has made you realise that your lack of survival skills is ironically going to get the better of you before Corona does, then welcome to the club.  

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From trying not to burn down the house while cooking to somehow managing to clean your house every single day, as a millennial in her early 20s, I can vouch for the fact that most of you are struggling to adult without any help. 

And honestly, is it just me or do you guys also have a pile of questions about daily chores that you should know but don't and it's kind of driving you insane?

Like what's the grain to water ratio while you're cooking rice? Or how much Lizol goes into the pocha?

But let me ask you something, who's that one person you can always count on to answer all your questions, no matter how silly and obvious they are? That one person who will never judge you for all your dumb queries but appreciate your efforts instead?

No, I'm not talking about Alexa, I'm talking about your mom and dad.

Whether it is guiding you through a step-by-step recipe or emotionally comforting you through the ongoing changes, this lockdown has made me realise that parents are the most patient creatures. 

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I mean, be honest, all those savings that your dad pushed you to do are now coming in handy during the pay cuts, aren't they? 

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And if you're telling me that you haven't cross-checked with your parents if you still need to file taxes now that you're working from home, you're either a tax consultant or a liar.  

You know, you can go to your parents with all of your problems and they'll whip their magic wands and find a solution to everything that's bothering you. 

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But why is it that when it comes to us, we seem to lose all our patience whenever our parents ask us to help them with something? Especially when they're seeking some technological guidance?  

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And you're not being honest to yourself if you believe that you haven't impatiently rolled your eyes or snapped at them for asking you a not-so-obvious question about how the internet works. 

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All I am saying is when our parents are so patiently answering the stupidest of our questions, the least we can do is reciprocate the same level of tolerance when it comes to resolving their tech queries or teaching them how to operate gadgets. 

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Please take a minute to realise that our parent's generation didn't grow up with gadgets. Don't shame them or put them down for not knowing their way around all these things, encourage them to learn new things, it's empowering. 

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So the next time your mom asks you how to retrieve her password or how to download a video from YouTube be nice because she didn't judge you for asking 

her if you could sanitise your vegetables with Detol.  

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And the next time your dad asks you to help him with Net banking or filling out official details online, be patient because that's what he did when you were learning how to update your first passbook. 

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So this lockdown, let's vow not to get irritated when our parents ask for tech help. Let's try to be there for them and calmly try to solve their problems because they have done the same for us.