Amidst the lockdown, while young-millennials are trying to search for new hobbies and cribbing about quarantining, senior citizens are enjoying self-isolation and are finding joy in the smallest things. These instances of oldies chilling and living #TheQuarantineLife will give you some major goals: 

1. Love in the time of social distancing: An elderly man stood outside his wife’s nursing home window with balloons and a placard to celebrate their 67th-anniversary together. 

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2. Party of 2: An 83-year-old husband dancing to the sound of his wife playing the piano is giving us major #DateNightGoals. 

3. These three life-long best friends moved in with each other during the lockdown just to Netflix and wine together. #BFFGoals. 


4. These oldies adorably cutting each other’s hair with a gardening scissor and experimenting while self-isolating is the cutest thing ever. 

5. These residents of a nursing home playing a life-size version of Hungry-Hungry Hippo on their wheelchairs will blow your mind.

6. This grandma stuck to waving her family from afar when they surprised her on her 95th birthday. This boss woman strictly following social-distancing is the stay-at-home motivation we need. 

I don’t know about y’all but it looks like these elderly citizens are having the time of their lives. Let us know in the comments section below if you know of a similar incident where oldies are giving us youngsters major #QuarantineGoals.