The worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus has surely terrified people across the globe. But, among other things, the worst part about the virus is that it has arrived at the time of Holi.          

This festival of colours is literally one event that should be avoided at a time of this crisis. But honestly, it breaks our heart that this year we couldn’t play one of the most beloved Indian festival.       


So, for anyone who is sitting home and is upset about not being able to play Holi this year, here are some pictures of people playing Holi to cheer you up.              

Aren’t getting selfies with our best buds the best part of the festival? Matlab, iss baar toh nahi ho payega, but there are way too many from previous years isn’t it? 

Yaar, pichkari se better kya hai holi pe? Souveneir ke liye gun wali pichkari le hi lete hai.            


Can someone please take me back to childhood so that I can throw water on random uncles and aunties without offending them? 


Is it weird that this is the only time I don’t mind people touching my face? 

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Arey bhang peeke DJ pe nachna toh legal hai Holi pe. 


Bucket ka thanda paani is totally acceptable only during this festival. 

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Yaar mat pheko mujhe paani mein aur!


It’s another level of euphoria eating those hot jalebis and gujias while shivering in the cold. 

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Yaad toh ayegi par koi nahi agle saal khel lenge.