Kerala is special, for in every syllable of her name there is poetry, if you say it slowly you will hear the sigh of the wind that blows through the paddy field, the song of the lazy backwaters, the gurgle and rush of the waterfalls. 

b’Source: Kerala Tourism’

And it is not unusual to find the bounty of nature, kept safe by a rally of conscientious people, who know they have been blessed. Almost as if to honour the land, and the effort of her people Lonely Planet Magazine India awarded the state the title of ‘Best Family Destination In The Country’. The award was accepted by the state tourism director UV Jose. 


The nominations were shortlisted by a panel that also saw it fit to include Kerala in the categories for culture and also the best place to relax. For which they saw reason – you got to take a good look at the culture in Kerala, that struggles to survive but makes it through an adamant refusal to give up on their art.


But the state is happy with their title of best family destination, for earlier they were recognised by the Ulysses Prize of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation for their work as a global leader towards the effort of sustainable tourism.

b’Source: NativePlanet’

So speaking of holidays, isn’t it time for one?