This world is a mystery. There are a lot of things that we probably never knew even existed. Every day, we come across a lot of things that make us wonder how, why or when this happened.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few images that will surely blow your mind and hopefully answer some of those questions.

1.A house being moved to another block on the street through this technique.

Source: reddit

2. An aerial view of New Delhi.

Aerial view
Source: reddit

3. Not your CPU’s motherboard but a snap of New York’s nightlife.

New York
Source: imgur

4. A chimpanzee all shaved revealing how similar they and humans are.

shaved chimpanzee
Source: reddit

5. A special bridge made for crabs in Australia to cross the road.

6. Not a weird animal but a cashew nut’s flower.

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7. A one litre bottle looks like this before it is ready.

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8. The bookshelf of IKEA Kallax looks something like this from the inside.

IKEA bookshelf
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9 This is how footpaths are made in many countries.

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10 This is how large towers of electricity are installed

power line towers
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11. Oops! Not a secret anymore.

magic trick
Source: brightside

12. A beautiful view when the sea meets the desert at this place in Namibia.

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13. Chinese soldiers use this trick to help stand at attention.

chinese soldiers
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14. That small black dot on the Sun's left is Mercury.

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15. The border between Belgium and the Netherlands.

Source: wikipedia

16. This is how bridges are made inside water.

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17. The place where the Great Wall of China ends.

Great wall of china
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18. This is how actors pretend to drive in movies.

side actors
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19. The Pyramids of Giza are actually very close to the city.

giza pyramids
Source: wikimedia

20. This is the place where the Amazon River and the Rio Negro river meet.

amazon and black river meet
Source: pinterest