There are some instances that restore your faith in humanity. One (rather two) such instances happened in Mizoram. 

A 52-year-old woman who recovered from a brain tumour and a man who was struggling with his business got some unexpected help from an anonymous good samaritan at times of distress. 

Source: The Culture Trip

According to reports, the woman named Rodingliani had taken a loan of around Rs 4 lakh from the SBI’s main branch in Aizawl for her  treatment in Kolkata. The widow with 2 daughters had mentioned it was tough for her to pay off the loan. The woman described how she got a call that helped her during these stressful times, 

Source: Livemint
I got a call from the bank that a good samaritan wants to pay off certain loan amounts and that the bank had selected mine in that list. 
Source: Money Control

Similarly, another person by the name of Muana L Fanai had taken a loan of around Rs 2.5 lakh to start a poultry farm. However, things went south as the business suffered. But he along with Rodingliani, were 2 people who noticed that their debts have been paid off by an unknown person. 

Taking about this good deed, the assistant general manager, Sheryl Vanchhong told Indian Express, 

He called us and said that in these times of distress, he wants to help. He is a customer of our bank. He said that he wants to help those who had mortgaged their property against loans which they were finding difficult to pay. His budget was Rs 10 lakh. 
Source: Livemint

The assistant manager added

We selected four persons who wanted to repay their loans but were unable to because of the lockdown that did not allow them to pursue their petty trades. The man transferred the money online and we called them on May 13 and handed over all their mortgaged land documents. 

Twitter praised such an act of kindness. 

This good samaritan wanted no publicity and transferred a total of Rs. 9,96,365 to the branch. This shows that compassion still exists in the world.