How we have been fed with fairytales that are far removed from the real world. Fairytale romances that usually never ring true in reality, or fairytale princesses that look nothing like ordinary, everyday women.

To challenge this notion of perfect, this New York-based artist has reimagined Disney princesses with curvy, realistic waistlines. Jonquel Norwood and her series, Magic has no size, wishes to advocate body positive image amongst women.

b’Snow White’

The artist, who was fat-shamed herself, when she was young, told Bustle,

I was body shamed most of my life and like most, I believed I had to slim down in order to truly be a member of society. I wanted to do my part to make sure no little girl felt the way I did about fashion. I believe glam has nothing to do with size and everyone has the right to it.

Her series, depicts our fairytale princesses, from Cinderella to Snow White, in ultra glam attire and curvy avatar, like you have never seen before.


All the Disney princesses you see in her series are modern, forward thinking women, dressed in designer pieces, that were inspired from real-life creations. While there have been several artists in the past, who have reimagined Disney princesses as plus-sized women, Norwood’s illustrations focus majorly on glamour and fashion.


This is her way of telling the world that every woman is a fairytale princess in her own right, and that we need to sensitise our children into believing, they are unique, no matter how they look. Thin or fat, fair or not, they are beautiful.