I strongly believe that shopping is therapeutic. It's even cheaper than a psychiatrist!

And thank God for online shopping. Checking that shopping cart is a reason good enough for me to function for another 3-5 business days straight. And that too from the comfort of my bed in my sweatpants *Takes a sip from her wine glass*

And with online shopping bringing in so much joy in our lives, wouldn't it be even amazing if we had the right tips to get the most out of it? So bring out your cards fellas, because we've got you 9 ultimate hacks to ace your online shopping game. 

1. Shop from Tuesday To Thursday 

This is one of the best ways to get a catch of all the good deals and products online. The online traffic is found to be at its lowest from Tuesdays to Thursdays and is the highest on weekends. 

2. Follow the brands you want to shop from

Always make sure that you follow your favourite brands on social media. More often than not, you will get to know of their clearance sales. Sometimes, brands also put out special codes that you can use to get considerable discounts. Just make sure you are following the verified account. 

3. Use filler items for free deliveries 

Shipping fees are the biggest turn offs while shopping online. This is where we can be smart and look for filler items which would help us reach a certain price limit to avail a free delivery. Just look around for smaller items that you'd anyway buy from the market and go for it. 

4. Compare the price and quality

If you happen to buying an item that is available at multiple sites, then make sure you get it at the lowest price. Also remember to compare the quality of the product across the sites before adding it to the cart. 

5. Pay attention to the model stats 

Source: Bright Side

Always take a look at the model stats in the product description. This will give you a better sense of the size and help you pick the right fit for you. You can also refer to the size guides. 

6. Follow influencers and bloggers for codes and discounts

Source: Pinterest

In today's age of social media, this goes without saying. Influencers tie up with brands to give their followers a better insight into what all the brand has to offer. Sometimes even dropping information about discount codes and sales. 

7. Use size filters 

So you liked that dress but it isn't available in your size? Shoot! Suggestion? Use size filters. Not only will you spare yourself the pain of letting go something you liked, but you will also save time. 

8. Use credit cards instead of debit

It takes a lot less time to refund a credit card than a debit card. So if you're diligent about paying off your credit card bill each month, then we suggest drop all your debit cards when shopping online. 

9. Leave the products you’re unsure about in the cart

This is a genius step. Put the item you're not so sure about buying, in the cart and leave the site without completing the purchase. There are chances that the brand will reach out to you with a special discount. But make sure you have an account set up so that they know how to contact you. 

Treat yo' self guys!