The Indian National Flag is a symbol of pride for every Indian across the world. It is hoisted at government buildings, in schools and in colleges, in courts and even in the parliaments that govern us. But the flag is made of cloth and clothes get tattered and torn after a period of time and need to be replaced with new ones. 


So the old ones have to be disposed of and with dignity. The Flag Code of India 2002 makes the rules for the disposal very clear. The Part II-2.2(xiii) clause of the Flag Code states that when the flag has been in a damaged or dirty condition, it should be destroyed as a whole, by fire or by any other means that is consistent with the dignity of the flag.

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The damaged flag should be preferably put to fire. However, burying is another option in this regard, although, it does cause certain problems. With the passage of time, some of the damaged pieces of the flag may turn up on the surface. Another thing that must be noted is that the flag has to be disposed of as a whole and has to be done in absolute privacy.

It is very important the dignity of the flag is maintained while destroying it. Hence, it should not be put in a pit or a fire instead fire should be set on the flag.

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 It must be remembered that the national flag is a symbol of national pride, and no matter its condition, it is to be respected. It is a part of that respect that requires proper disposal of the flag.