Asrar-ul-Haq Majaz, who wrote under the takhallus or pen name Majaz Lakhnawi, was a popular shayar known for his poems on love. Intoxication reflects deeply in his poetry. With women praising him and his talent wherever he went, his heart fell for a married woman, an admirer of his. Ultimately taking to alcohol, Majaz died a lonely death in the heart of Lucknow, where he is now buried. 

Here are some of his shers that reflect intense love and admiration.

Which translates to:

Neither the moon, nor the sun.

They’re all magnificent, but nothing matches up to the magnificence of love. 

Which translates to:

The delight love takes in the body is badly reputed for no reason,

The body itself is eager to charm you.

 Which translates to: 

What can one say about those delightful sights,

In the eyes I can’t even picture the face.

Preoccupied with imagining her,

Now I have even forgotten the face of my beloved.

Which translates to: 

The shadows of time progressively became shorter

Life became shorter and shorter step by step.

Majaz and his idea of love is beautifully executed.

Design Credits: Sonu Kumar