Us humans are an intense species. Emotions are an integral part of our being. While some people have a natural flare of expressing their emotions, some find it difficult and often find themselves at a loss of words. 

Here, whether they’re emotions of love, heartbreak or everything in between, all feelings are expressed with utmost intensity, poetically. 

Ruswaayi: Dishonour

Mehdud: Limited

Garmi-e-Jazbaat: Passion

Ashaar: Couplets

Beniyaaz: Independent

Shehr-e-Tilismaat: City of miracles

Murattab: Set in order

Ibtida: Starting

Garmi-e-Shiddat-e-Jazbaat: Warmth of excess of emotion

Tazaad-e-jazbaat: Contradiction of emotions

Vusat: Area 

Zard: Pale

When everything fails, it’s these words strung together, you can bank upon. 

Design credits: Shubham Gupta