We do not know what life has in store for us. Don’t know what it leads to and what to expect. But there is a belief that we do have certain things in our destiny that no one can take from us. 

Till the time life slowly unwraps and reveals itself to us, we can read shayari dedicated to the destiny of life. 

 Taufeeq: Strength or will.

 Bu-e-mai: Bad smell of alcohol.

 Tadbeer: Solution

Surat-e-qufl-e-abjad: Unlocking the face of love.

 Najumiyon: Astrologers

Dast-e-dua: Hand of praying


Dil-e-khana: Corner/place in your heart

Maqbul: Acceptance

Ajal: Without Water

Muntashir: Widespread


 Tadbeer: Solution

Fasl-e-bahaar: Spring

Qarun: Soul

Naqdi: Money

Ikhtiyar: Control

 Visal-e-yaar: Meeting the beloved

Reading this must’ve somewhere been in our destiny.