India is a country of many diversities that have more or less peacefully co-existed for decades. While recent times might have been unstable, one cannot deny that the common man still is still tolerant and accepting of others’ beliefs and is largely peaceful.


One such example has come to light in Jamia Nagar Delhi.

A Facebook user by the name of Sania Ahmad Hasan posted about her experiences in the region that is predominantly Muslim but has resident Hindus who are currently celebrating Navratri. 


According to Sania, the temple in the region plays bhajans all day due to Navratri but put a pause on it whenever it’s time for Azaan. 


The Muslim meat shops, on the other hand, put up black curtains on their shops and conduct their business from behind it in respect of the fast and religious sentiments for 9 days.

The Indian Express

You can see her Facebook post here:

In times like these where the religious diversities have yielded negative results, the significance of such acts multiplies manifold.