Sponsored by Ambuja Neotia

Kolkata is arguably a city with a soul, a soul that is reflected in the rare sights of trams, colorful buses, mouthwatering food, and all the small things that make Kolkata… Kolkata. Come Durga Pujo, the city reaches the peak of its magnificence. 

Right from the early morning of Mahalaya to Bijoya Dashami, these are perhaps the best days of the year for a Bengali. 

There are a fair amount of non-resident Bengalis who, unfortunately, miss out of the most awaited festival of the year. Despite the distance, each one of them feels an insurmountable pull towards their roots. This video of a Bengali girl’s homecoming by Ambuja Neotia beautifully showcases her nostalgia of being away from Kolkata, as well as her excitement of finally coming to this transformed city – a city that’s just as inviting as it was although now, dotted with all sorts modernity.  

Here’s the video that’ll take you back to all the happiness the City of Joy has ever given you: 

Maa asche, ghore ghore!